Sherlock Legacy

How to profile and get smarter by using the abductive logic.

icon-book Cursus : understand what happened, guess what’s next!

Abductive reasoning is the highest form of logic. This methodology will let you rebuild the reasons which generated the situations you are facing in your repetitive experiences: what’s the meaning of what happens to me, again and again? Learn how to observe your own condition and change your destiny.

At the end of these three days, you’ll know the simple method Sherlock Holmes uses to discover what happened and what’s coming next. You’ll be able to rebuild the whole story explaining the situations in your everyday life: personal, professional, and social skills. And more than that, you’ll learn how you are thinking yourself: the best way to reinvent the way you see the world.

icon-rocket Targeted competencies

  • How to profile yourself: who am I?
  • How to use the three levels of logic: deduction, induction and abduction.
  • How to build a strong hypothesis: causality and beyond.
  • How to understand your own patterns: what you need to do, and why you need it.
  • How to read someone’s life story: the premises of anyone’s personality.
  • How to anticipate someone’s reaction: statistical behaviors.
  • How to get smarter: how to mentally experience all the options.

icon-cut We’ve tailored this workshop for you!

Workshop for everyone seeking for the highest level of critical thinking, who wants to learn how to make better decisions, or wants to anticipate anyone’s real need, even before it’s been expressed: sales, healthcare, child care, disabled person care, research, psychotherapy, investigation, insurance, study, etc.
Thanks to an experience-based methodology, you’ll discover how to think out of the box, for good.

icon-calendar June 20 icon-arrow-right 22, 2016

Practical information
icon-calendar Next Date: June 20 icon-arrow-right 22, 2016.
icon-clock-o Duration: 3 days, from 9am to 4pm.
icon-home Venue: New York, NY.
icon-group Attendees: 10-20 participants.
icon-dollar Fees: on request.
icon-music Profilers: Dr M. Mourabit, PhD & Mr I.W. Dassy, MAPsy.

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