Self Achievement

How to profile and improve your succesful patterns.

icon-book Cursus : don’t be naive, believe in your self!

Self confidence is an ability you can learn, work on and develop through a better knowledge of your self. During this workshop you’ll discover why you are facing the same issues in your life, and how to succeed to overcome some challenges: don’t expect anything, be ready for everything, and lever your own Excellence.

At the end of these five days, you’ll know the simple method the succesful people are using in their personal and professional life. You’ll be able to (re)define your life plan and even experience a quantum leap in your own storyboard. And more than that, you’ll learn who you are yourself: the path you walk is you.

icon-rocket Targeted competencies

  • How to get a vision of your self: realistic and positive.
  • How to be sincere: say “no” and position your self.
  • How to understand and fix: my dependencies.
  • How to transform: my limits into resources.
  • How to discover: your Excellence.
  • How to get in touch: with your unlimited awareness.
  • How to be the master: of your emotional intelligence.

icon-cut We’ve tailored this workshop for you!

Workshop for everyone seeking for oneself, who cannot say “no”, or wants to feel much more self confident: shyness, dependencies, addictions, stress, jealousy, etc. Everyone who wants to develop one’s creative potential, and reach to Excellence in life, personal and professional.
Thanks to an experience-based methodology, you’ll discover how to turn your current “limits” into amazing social skills.

icon-calendar June 6 icon-arrow-right 10, 2016

Practical information
icon-calendar Next Date: June 6 icon-arrow-right 10, 2016.
icon-clock-o Duration: 5 days, from 9am to 4pm.
icon-home Venue: New York, NY.
icon-group Attendees: 10-20 participants.
icon-dollar Fees: on request.
icon-music Profilers: Dr M. Mourabit, PhD & Mr I.W. Dassy, MAPsy.

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